We need to understand that there must be challenges for success to be celebrated, it is through challenges that our worth is tested, we become stronger, and we learn from every encounters or drama that arises from those challenges.

When there is need to tackle problems, it is through experiences that we had during the challenging times that will help us to have ideas on how to deal with problems, we will have room for options and approaches on how to tackle our problems and also provide us with some kind of immunity as we already know the anticipated.

There is always need for improvement in everything we do. No matter how good we are at something, it is by improving that we learn new gimmicks on how to be successful and become geniuses.  For instance, just like in hunger, there will always be need for food to quench hunger and there will always be need for food in order to stay alive and healthy, so it is in our everyday undertakings, the only way to be good at something is constant need for improvement by learning and trying out new things.

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