With the arrival of the triplets, I knew my life was going to take another dimension. It would no longer be the lady that took her time in doing things, It would now be the woman that have to get things done as fast as possible. When the doctors broke the news to me, I ended up with mixed feelings, not sure on whether to be excited, scared, or nervous.

I braved myself to the news and gradually started getting ready for the big day, the day I would hold my three all at once babies. That day flew by very quickly with Benjamin working more hours in order to be able to provide for I and the babies. Providing for three babies all at once seem to be a life long planning and investment.

Everything had to be bought three times, the cost was killing as we struggled so hard to manage them. It was always three feeding bottles, three diaper sets, three clothing sets, except that I had just two nipples! maybe three nipples would have been better at such circumstances (alien mummy)

I watched as things took its turn in our lives, from sleeping eight to ten hours at night to sleeping for just half an hour in each round as the babies took turns in waking up. Sometimes they were all awake at the same time and neither I nor Benjamin nor anyone could sleep.

Multi-tasking became my best friend, I became very adaptable, flexible, and all around everything at the same time. My multi-talented skills helped me to overcome the challenges from feeding all three to changing diapers, to bathing, to rocking them all to sleep and I still managed to find a little time for myself and also time to be a loving wife to Benjamin.

I began to understand some basic facts about life and how one’s circumstances can quickly change within a blink of an eye. I began to appreciate how much I have learned and how far I have come and above all how happy I have become. Life is surely what we make out of it. “I imagined”.

We all have a chance to find out how and what makes us happy, a chance to keep going rather than giving up knowing that it is just a matter of time. Only time will tell and all these challenges will become memories!.

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