“Set the pace and I will follow”. Brian barked like a rabid dog, he slowly moved towards the east entrance of the room leading to the closet as he adjusted his cap that was already shifted to the side as a result of his uncontrollable anger.

While thinking of how I made it this far with Brian, I searched my heart for the right words to justify the reason why I was still with him.

The pace was none existing!  The pace was in formidable. I have tried everything to make the relationship work from being submissive to being submitted to his fatal roars, barks, and slaps.

Get the help you need”! I let the words loose from my trembling lips as I kept my distance safe enough from his triggering slaps. The needful needs to be done and fast, I knew it was time Brian sought the help he needed.

Only weak men hit women” I threw out those words to him while I waited for those words to demoralize his male ego. I had nothing to lose now. I had my self-worth regained as soon as those words was set to depart from my mouth.

The words hit Brian like a rocket launch, I could see him shudder away in the darkness of the room. I dragged myself up and pushed towards the door.

At this time, I anticipated roars and slaps having a runway show on my face, but rather Brian stared at me with fist gritted and pointing downwards, mouth opened, tears streaming down his sweaty face.

He moaned as though he just received a death sentence from the jury. He clenched his wrists together, swung them to the ground and buried his face in between his elbows.

At that moment I knew I had won the battle. Brian was finally helpless and at my mercy to assist him with the help he needed.

“I am sorry sweetheart, help me! I need you”. At that moment of total submission, I knew that there was indeed light at the end of my tunnel.

Sometimes, it is difficult for us to accept that our bad habits/behavior/personality will someday meet up with us in a crossroad.

We need to think of the right way to go through that intersection and with complete guidance and total acknowledgement of our weaknesses we can strive to draw strength from our weakness and live a better life with the people that matters so much to us.

(All characters are fictional)

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