The county male prison lodged two hundred male prisoners. The facility was an old one and it sat right across the ocean engulfed with long walls and tight security. The walls of the county male prison was right on the east side of Frederick town and have been home for Ferdinand Buck for the past six years.

Accused of manslaughter six years ago was a life changing experience for Ferdinand. The nightmares were glaring, and the re occurring scenes of that fateful night stormed his imagination. That night when his wife and two daughters were killed in a car accident due to his drunkenness. Ferdinand had a couple of buzz which affected his judgement that led to the car accident that claimed the lives of his family.

His life has never been the same after that day. He was a lonely troubled man with past experiences haunting his future. A feeling of guilt that he will have to carry for the rest of his life. Been in and out of rehab at the county facility and with several mental health assessments wasn’t enough to bring him to clear mind. A mind to forgive himself and move forward, a mind to overcome the reoccurring nightmares, images, visions, and flashes of that fateful day.

A danger he could have averted if only he was in his right mind. Melissa, Jane and Amy would have being alive and he probably wouldn’t have to be in jail. He would have been home with his family. “Ferdinand thought.” All these thoughts swam through his heavy heart as he jerked up from bed soaked up in his own precipitation. It must be the nightmares again. “Ferdinand exclaimed”

Gracie was lying beside him fast asleep with her half naked body recklessly scattered all over the sheets. It was 01:45am in the morning and Ferdinand knew he was done with sleep at least for now. He slowly slipped back into his clothing, lit up a cigarette and quietly walked out the door.


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