The stench smell of cigarettes filled the entire room as Ferdinand Buck puffed again into the air. He moved across the window, parting the blinds as he gazed out looking as though he was expecting someone. Ferdinand paced the room back and forth, sitting, standing, and bending over casually. His thoughts ran to Gracie Holmes the lady he met at the black marsh pub last night. They had planned to meet at the moonlight inn later today by 7:00pm.

It was 6:45pm as Ferdinand looked at the clock on the wall, he had checked into the inn at around 2:00pm hoping to get a little rest before Gracie showed up. It was now 6:55pm and a knock at the door left Ferdinand jumping out of his thoughts. He dragged one more shot of the cigarette and made for the door.

The door flung open and it was Gracie Holmes dressed in a black dress with long curly hair, her makeup well smothered on her round pretty face. Her body curves like that of a model as her skin glittered in the black short dress exposing her cleavages and well curved waist. Ferdinand gave out a quick breath as he asked her in. “Hi Gracie, good to see you again”, Ferdinand said as he ushered her into a seat. Gracie smiled as she walked around the room admiring the paintings on the wall and settling into a chair beside the bed.

“I was thinking you won’t show up” Ferdinand said as he poured out a drink for Gracie. “I always keep to my words” Gracie said as she sipped from the wine glass graced with Jack Daniels. Ferdinand moved closer to Gracie, pulling her towards him he ravaged the open cleavages of her chest ravishing her as though he has been sex starved for years. Sure he has, six years at the county prison was enough to sex starve a viable man.

Slamming her back on the bed, he went in and out of Gracie and dropped down beside her engulfed in a deep sleep while snoring the roof away.

To be continued…

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