My daughter came back from school on that fateful day with something wrapped up in a paper towel. It was a green soil plate with tiny seeds buried underneath the black soil. When I asked, she told me she wanted to grow a tomato plant. She said she was planning on planting the seed, as it was going to grow to become a tomato vegetation.

I smiled within me, I was happy because I wouldn’t have to buy tomatoes anymore. If I needed one, all I had to do was to take from my daughter’s “tomato vegetation” which she was going to start up, but only this time I don’t have to go to the backyard to get them, I would have to go to her room (the vegetation) to take some tomatoes.

“Mum, I am going to plant the seed in the green cup and leave it in my room” she said as I stared at her wondering if she really meant what she said. I didn’t utter a word, I gave her a head nod and continued on my chores.

Few weeks later, as I was about to make dinner, my daughter came flying down the stairs with the green cup. “Mum, my tomato plant is growing”. I didn’t want to spoil her excitement so I watched the plant curiously and smiled at the progress.  “Hmm, that’s nice girl, I can’t wait! very soon I won’t have to buy tomatoes anymore” I said to her with a grin on my face. She smiled even harder and chuckled.

The next morning, she woke up looking very sad, as she approached the table for breakfast, I asked. “What’s wrong sweetie” she looked at me sadly and said “mum, I had a dream”. “What kind of dream” I asked sitting up and looking a bit concerned with a little frown on my face.

She looked at me and said “I had a dream about you, me, and my tomato plant” she said looking at me as though she was expecting me to react. I remained calm and watched on as I slowly dropped the tea spoon on the plate. She continued “I was at school in the dream, when I got back from school, I noticed that the tomato plant has been ripped apart, I asked you what happened to it, you said you didn’t know but would find out. I later found out that you threw the plant away.” She concluded.

I smiled at her, held her hand and said to her “Sweetie, you are not far from the truth and your dream speaks truth because I took the plant out for some air yesterday evening and the wind blew it away. The little girl cried even harder and ran back upstairs! Lol

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