While most of us are carried away with the concept of buying one wrist watch and getting the other gold bracelet for free, we seem to have forgotten that nothing is ever free. If there was a way the air we breathe in could be measured and sold in stores with barcodes on it, it would have happened a long time ago. Lol

Someone asked me one day “why is it that water is not free, it’s natural just like air” I looked at her and laughed. I politely told her “such is life, that’s how we see it and that’s how we take it”

So don’t imagine or think you are getting that gold bracelet for free just for buying a wrist watch. In one way or the other, you are indirectly or have directly paid for that “free bracelet” (trade secrets) Lol.

Such is life in everything that we do. I always say to my friends, work hard and don’t ever expect things to be done for you when you are more than capable of helping yourself. Learn to do things for yourself that is the only way you can self-develop. And by self-development, you are sharpening your intellectual capabilities, anything good you learn today stays with you forever no one can take it away from you. One skill opens you to another and another and another and you will begin to discover a lot of things you didn’t know you could do.

It will no longer be a case of buy one get one free in your life but rather it will become a case of learn or develop one skill set and get the best abilities, jobs, recommendations, reviews, success all and many more for free.

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