Sometimes we get so adventurous that we like to try out on virtually everything and anything that comes our way ranging from jobs (career path), women/men, food, clothing, our taste of lifestyle, new goals, new cities, in fact pretty much everything.

The adventure gets really exciting when we are opportune to have a go at all these. Bearing in mind that trying out everything means one is good at nothing. On the other hand, how much time do we actually have in trying out on everything? By the time we decide on which one to settle with, age may not be smiling at us anymore leaving a pinch of regret in mind but rich in memories.

We need to make up our mind on what we want, and on what we want to become before time ticks off quickly leaving us with nothing. We have to learn to take vital steps and make important decisions in our life and future and start working around it now that we are still able to.

We need to be good at something and identify that which we are good at to reduce wasting time while trying out on everything. We need to be able to distinguish our likes from dislikes, needs and wants, love and passion, a career or just a job, and many more.

We need to be our own detectives and be able to solve that mystery of our restless ambition.

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