As I staggered towards the front door, I knew it was too early for the postman to be banging the door that morning. I raced down the stairs half asleep and partly awake bumping my left leg on the couch opposite the front door.

It was Nerine my fast paced proactive neighbor. What could it possibly be this time? I asked silently as I flung the door open. She stared at me with popping red blood shot eyes.

Those eyes definitely signified something which meant trouble in the air, but why this early? I thought, as I twitched and rubbed my eyes while finding the right words to soothe the rather awkward moment.

Nerine pushed her way into my apartment looking scared and defensive like she was getting ready for a physical fight or just finished one.

I was very confused because it had been barely a day after valentine, I saw Nerine and Bobby kissing their way into their abode and couldn’t get their hands off each other. Barely 24 hours later, was Nerine looking like a female wrestler waiting for her opponent? Yes!

Bobby again this time? I asked as I kept my pace further out enough to avoid the punch that was meant for Bobby. Her blood shot eyes signified she had been crying all night and her fierce looking facial gestures showed a fight had just taken place, no doubt!

How I wished it could be valentine every day because the Nerine and Bobby I saw some nights ago wasn’t the same Nerine standing right here with me, outwardly so much show of love enough to get one deceived, inwardly so much hate and disgust for one another.

Valentine is a time to renew and rejuvenate a long lasting bond of love and friendship that have and still exist within us. That is the kind of love to be shared with one another, and with others as well to reach out showing act of kindness, unconditional love to the hopeless, lost, and forgotten ones. Everyone deserves to be loved!

Every day is valentine for me! I mean the true and real definition of valentine, not a temporary show of love. What about yours?



All characters are fictional! 

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