Troubles and problems come in different forms whether anticipated or not. Sometimes people get into trouble not because they were partakers in the trouble making, but because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

No matter how much we try to be careful, we may sometimes find ourselves in compromising situations and circumstances that only we can rightfully admit that luck played a great role in it, and not just luck God’s guidance saw us through.

Trouble gives birth to problem which in turn delivers worry. So the flow goes this way trouble_problem_worry. All come from the same kinsmen. No one wakes up any day to wish and anticipate trouble. Sometimes they just cross our path, very annoying right?

All we can do as human beings is to try to be safe as much as we can, the forces of nature is more powerful than we think. If you can’t beat them join them only this time you don’t have to join them. A little prayer every morning and everyday as soon as you wake up could be that saving grace that averted you from that trouble maniac of the forces of nature of that day. We don’t need to walk around with bullet proof vest because one shot on the head we are goners.

All we can do is to feel confident and safe within ourselves knowing that the prayer we said before starting the day is a stronger force, a stronger shield, a stronger bow and arrow, a stronger vest to shield and guide us through the day and always.

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