The Final Chance

Not minding the consequences of my actions, I knew I was a wreck. As he stared down hard at my face, I imagined what was going on in his mind. Hurting each other wasn’t the solution to the problem.

I discerned it was time to sort things out, clear the air and move on with him. I was ready to forgive him all the way and same with him as well. We have been through a lot together, I wasn’t ready to leave him for someone else.

However, from experience there are no saints out there, so why not stick with the “devil” you know and resist the “angel” you know nothing about. “I thought to myself”.  I was ready and willing to give “us” a chance again over and over again as long as it wasn’t an issue of physical violence.

What makes a relationship firm and strong is not the amount of issues and trials it has encountered, but the ability to turn those issues and trials to your advantage and pick the moral lesson capped from that problem and implement steps taken to resolve that issue for future occurrences together as a couple.

In relationships, you do not dodge the blow of confusions, misunderstandings, miscommunication, and anxieties, you take the blow and punches.  The healing process will make you a better and wiser person. Near to perfect relationships have endured tremendous pain, confusion, misunderstandings and anxieties.

A lot of long term relationships have suddenly collapsed and there hasn’t been any meaningful explanations from the parties involved.  Rather each blaming each other for the collapsed union. “Why”? Because they have spent years dodging the blows and punches of confusions, anxieties, misunderstandings and communication. “How”? By simply walking away or become invisible each time an issue arises or problems come up.

When the blow/punch finally unexpectedly lands on parties involved in the relationship they collapse. Unable to manage the relationship, they give up by going their separate ways. Be wise my friends! Be wise!

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2 thoughts on “The Final Chance”

  1. Well constructed piece!!!Full of wisdom. If only people would understand that imperfections in marriage only make the parties stronger.

  2. Very right! Some people think the guy or lady next door might be a better person. There are no better persons. Try to fix and keep what belongs to you. Imperfections are very necessary in relationships!

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