The Feeling Of Endless Feelings By Busyhandz

Walking down the aisle on that day, I knew I was in for something that I couldn’t fully get my head around. So I was going to be spending the rest of my life with him. “I thought” which meant no more blind dates, no more hanging out in the club overnight, and no more flirtatious lifestyle and so on.

Also the thought of being a mum someday along the way left me scared and anxious than ever. A feeling of fear and excitement consumed me, I felt like running back or maybe taking a step backward and exiting the church premises. Every step I took walking down the aisle left me with one thought after another.

I imagined I was hallucinating as I could see messages written on the faces of the guests whose faces were lit with smiles and admiration. Messages like “keep walking down to your sufferings and pain as well as your happiness and bliss”.

I could see his face looking down hard on me as I was now approaching the altar, his face was engulfed in smiles but with a little look of confusion and fear. I could read the words from his lips saying to me “we are going to be okay baby, we are in this together”.

The thought of leaving home and not waking up to my mum and dad left a pang of pain in my heart, however I was going to be waking up beside the best man in the world whom I loved so much.

As the pastor threw out those words of vow taking and commitment to us, I felt my sweat tickling my armpit. I almost blushed at the sensation it gave me, the sensation of fear and happiness. So this was what marriage was all about, that feeling of endless feelings I call it.

As we repeated the words of the pastor together, I started to feel calm and comfortable. The deed was done! We were finally married. All the feeling of fear just vanished instantly and I knew a new chapter of my life was about to evolve.

Confronting our fears and hanging in there with a strong will to overcome is all we need to be successful in everything we do.

Buckle up friends as we embark on a journey of self-discovery crushing every inner weakness and fear and building a momentum of energy, and strong will in our businesses, careers, education, marriages, and in everything that defines and makes us who we are.

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