The cogitative thought of an author… written by Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko

Sometimes a blessing; sometimes a curse

The paradigm of life

Lays waste in its existence

Mortals change destines; destines rebirths fate

Fate beckons on success or tragedy

Oh mortal! Killer of instinct!

Where is thy purpose

An innate of undesirable patterns

Destiny can be delayed; not denied

The instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning

The intuitive mindset; embarks on a journey

In search of the soul

To heal the soul and bring it home

Home to the body; home to the mind

In need of dire salvation; to heal and to conquer; to hold and to belong

Mortal’s life expectation set to doom

But mortal’s life destiny rewrites it all

For we are all set for greatness! Greatness of a kind

Explicit greatness!

The mind of an author is immeasurable!

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