The beauty of life is when we learn to love ourselves first before we start thinking of loving someone else or having any form of relationship. How can you genuinely love someone when you haven’t appreciated yourself in the first place? That is because the feeling of love for oneself is born within us. By the time you nurture and grow that love for yourself and understand what the feeling is all about, then you can willingly transfer this love to loved ones, neighbours, friends, spouses, partners and anyone that crosses your path or touches your life in one way or the other.

Loving yourself is paramount and possible when we find ourselves in environments and places where love is being preached and practiced. Where we see others exhibit love of themselves, we may want to identify ourselves with them and be part of the great fellowship, learning something new and possessing a humble approach to life.

Loving yourself gives birth to empathy, a feeling that arouses when love and humility are in place. We begin to see other’s sufferings as ours and a reason to share in their pain. The thoughts of possible ways to help begin to come to mind, going far and beyond.

You cannot help others to love when you do not love yourself or understand the principles of love sharing. Loving one-self arises from being appreciative and satisfied with yourself, your appearance, your goals, your achievements, people around you, and life in general.

So why don’t we step up to the challenge and begin today by loving ourselves first before we move ahead to share this great feeling with others because we are all beautiful.

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