It’s going to be Christmas soon, that time of the year when people put themselves under pressure on what to buy and whom to buy for and how to buy.

What to buy: Flowers or jewelleries?

Whom to buy for: Families and endless count of friends?

How to buy: Should I take a loan or exhaust my credit card and pay later?

It is also a time of the year when we look back at the activities of the previous months and gauge how well we have done and start strategizing for the new year. It is a time of the year when santa wakes up from eleven months of sleep and begins to make toys for all the good kids in the world in just two and half weeks at least just before Christmas eve. It is a time of the year when prices go up and we are still made to believe it is christmas sale. It is a time when we are all in a lively spirit, and in the spirit of spending.

However, it should be a time when we slow down a bit on everything, take a little step back, putting our finances in order and having a plan for the new year, plan time with family and friends without necessarily exhausting the wallet and over stepping the credit limit.

Reflect on the meaning and significance of Christmas and enjoy the peace and joy it offers and not dive into endless debts that would make us cry in the new year. Christmas is giving and sharing what we have. Spend wisely and do not bag up debts into the new year.

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