That Thing Called Parenting By Busyhandz

Certain principles require certain enforcement when it comes to raising kids.

The fast changing world has forcefully put a new dimension to raising kids and this is threatening the skills of parenting for parents and guardians.

Parents/guardians wake up each day, maybe a bit confused on how to go about some form of new personality (bad behavior) kids pick up from school, peers, and social media. Most of the new bad behaviors require some great level of maturity, and focus to crack down the code.

Today’s parents have become FBI’s in looking for best ways to crack down and tackle the issue of bad behaviors in kids and managing the situation.

The most important thing to know is morals, which is the antidote for this virus (bad behavior).

MORALS: Sink in core simple basic morals into the mind of the kids allowing them to differentiate between good and evil. That will help them make choices and have better judgement.

Teach practical morals that they see you play out, they know it’s real and doable. For instance, you cannot say “smoking is bad kids do not smoke”. However, you light up a cigarette in their presence and expect them not to light up one sooner than later Lol.

My six year old will never pee inside the bathtub while having a shower, she will get down from the tub make it to the toilet and come back for her shower.

That is her own moral and principle. She would always say “mum pee stinks, I don’t want you to smell that while giving me a wash.” That is very understandable, I actually do not like the smell of urine anyway. I remember I once told her the smell of urine makes mummy sick so that quickly registered in her head. Lol

COMMUNICATION: You better start talking! Talking with the kids can unravel a lot of mysteries from that little mind of theirs. Just like an armed thief planning his next stealing spree, communication can have your kid spilling their “secrets” and escapades without even knowing it, and that can only happen in the manner you open up and approach every conversation.

I start by telling mine that I have a secret I want to share with them and they should please not tell daddy. That instantly catches their attention and gives them a feeling of relaxation.

After hitting up a cock and bull story that dad shouldn’t know about, Lol. They always feel free to share every details of their lives with me.

This can only work if you start at an early age with the kids, not when the kid is already a teenager or even six. Good luck guys!

Let’s all share each other’s experiences with parenting in the comment section below .If you do have questions, feel free to spill it out!

Have a great week!


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9 thoughts on “That Thing Called Parenting By Busyhandz”

  1. Great one Uche. I totally agree. And I also do think that we have allowed a great lacuna between us and our kids of this generation. And sadly enough, that (lacuna) is getting filled by ICT and the social media. (Topic for another day). Parents really need to wake up and realize that parenting is as much a full-time job as their banking, admin and secretarial jobs

  2. That’s right Uncle hill, rightly said. Parenting is definitely a full time job, but we can make it work by putting things into practical perspective. Kids look up to parents a lot and actually do copy a lot from what their parents do and say. If a dad’s hobby is playing iPad all day, there is a chance the kid will definitely be playing iPad even when the teacher is teaching in class.
    We need to play it right!

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