Thank God It’s Friday By Busyhandz

As my hands sank deeper inside my purse in search of my phone, I knew that if I didn’t find the phone in the next thirty seconds that man could possibly die. I searched deeper and watched as his blood painted body laid wastefully on the side walk. Even in the midst of bloodiness, he smelt of stench alcohol.

He sure seemed like a gentleman, dressed in his expensive suit and dress pant with nice shoes and his bag still clutched down beside him with blood all over it now. It looked to me like he was either coming from work or going to work either way!

“How did it get to this”? I asked myself silently, still fearing for his life I quickly called the police and ambulance. I had to wait at the scene of the crime for the police to show up at least. This could be a case of a hit and run accident or maybe suicide attempt, “I presumed”.

The police arrived at the scene, the ambulance came shortly afterwards and the man was wheeled in at the back of the ambulance. Thank God he was still alive! I told the police my own side of the story as I saw the victim lying there, I wasn’t sure how he got there in the first place or what happened.

The police thanked me for at least getting him help, I wasn’t in any trouble as I didn’t cause the accident, I was just happy I came at the right time to save a life. I prayed silently that he survives. I promised myself I was going to check up on him as I knew he was being taken to the general hospital. Well, just out of curiosity.

At first, I thought the victim had been shot when I first arrived at the scene, I also feared for my own life instantly as it could have being a robbery attack and the perpetrators could still be nearby. Later on when I checked on the victim, it happened that it wasn’t a robbery or gunshot incident or suicide or anything of that nature.

However, the victim was actually drunk, after work that fateful Friday evening, excited about the weekend ahead, he ended up in a pub still in his work regalia, he probably drank over his limit, left the pub almost at midnight, already lost his coordination and sense of reasoning, he walked straight into an oncoming vehicle on the major road and was hit.

The vehicle vehemently threw him up and he landed on the side walk unconscious and bleeding to his death before I showed up on my way back from work. He could have died, by almost midnight it was obviously pretty dark and could go unnoticed.

Luckily for him, as I was driving past, I thought I had seen a human figure or maybe something moving on the floor. That was how I was led to this man.

Most importantly, something to draw from this: “Thank God it’s Friday” is not an excuse for excessive drinking and jolly making because you could possibly not be that thankful for another Friday if you were dead or wasting away in one county jail.

Have a safe weekend peeps!




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