Each time I read about or hear televised violence, what comes into play and practice are usually kids and the effect it has on kids. But with the fast changing society we are in, the reality of the issue of televised violence should be focused and channeled to adults too, because adults have become the core victims and perpetrators of televised violence.

The realistic effect is that when adults have seen a violent scene over the media, you would expect adults to assimilate it and get over it as adults. No!!! Rather they begin to replay these scenes in their minds and become saddled with the responsibility of trying it out even when they know the outcome and implication of their thoughts and actions. Then they begin to look for a victim to carry out their wicked intentions (opportunistic crime).

Most of the news on media regarding murder, rape, and all sort of evils are been carried out by adults and kids to whoever their chosen victims are.

The reality for kids engaged in televised violence, is more of the day dreaming effect for them.  After they have seen the televised violence, they begin to imagine themselves as James Bond in “die another day” Or Arnold Schwarzenegger in “terminator”. They begin to reminisce over the act, and they start to use their toys to act out as weapons. Now the effect of that day dreaming becomes reality when they hit a fellow student in school in an act to be James Bond. There is a bridge, a thin line between what we know and what we think we know regarding the effects of media violence.

Action movies or any image containing violence has been set aside for entertainment purposes that is why hollywood pictures and warner bros and other entertainment movie productions companies are still in business. The mindset when watching these movies or events is of paramount importance. I once wrote an unpublished article on the effect of televised violence on kids back in my university days.  I do not want to lay emphasis on just kids, adults and kids are both victims and perpetrators of televised violence.

These days, even the so called animation programs for kids, you will be amazed on the kind of inappropriate words and images you will find in them. So what is the way forward?


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