I looked at the piece of clothing over and over again. It was difficult for me to make up my mind on it. I loved the red short dress, though I didn’t have enough money to buy it and I didn’t want to let it go either. I quickly grabbed the dress and headed to the check out.

At the checkout, as I swiped my credit card, I bled inside with fear and anxiety because I knew there was no hope for me in paying back the money. With my job gone three months ago, and my rent and bills in dire desperation, I still found it difficult to resist temptations like this. With the savings depleting by the second, I knew I needed a job soon and fast before things gets out of hand and the letters from the bank starts rolling in.

The red short dress wasn’t a necessity, I had my rent and bills to think of, but I just couldn’t resist the dress. It looked pretty and I knew I would look ravishing on it. I got home feeling very sad on such spontaneous impulse buying behavior, although I had no plans of returning the dress. I only wished I had money to afford it comfortably without ripping into the already long stretch of credit bills and depleted savings.

In life, we need to set our priorities straight, some things do not matter at all, there are other things that matter and needs urgent attention. We sometimes need to react spontaneously to good opportunities that are likely to come our way that may help us to succeed or that may expose us to better chances and opportunities in life.

Most often, we don’t recognize opportunities when they come because we spend time on things that do not matter, things that are not a necessity (red short dress) Lol. If we can spontaneously get trapped into impulsive decisions (buying the red short dress) against all odds, why can’t we be that quick in grabbing and recognizing opportunities when they come knocking on our door.

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