It is easy to believe in someone else’s work, invention, achievement, findings. What makes you different from that individual? Does the individual possess two heads? Or maybe a superman brain, and you don’t?

Most often,some people have never believed in themselves, neither do they imagine they are capable of doing something great. What happened to self-confidence? I have heard people say “if only they went to school they would have been better off as this or that”. They seem to forget that most great achievers neither finished nor started education at some point in their discovery and findings. Some people take lack of adequate education as an excuse to suppress their inner ability.

One thing is knowing something, and the other is having the required confidence needed to take that bold step towards actualization of inner capabilities. The boldness to launch and believing and trusting in yourself that you are more than capable of achieving greatness and something better than what your predecessors have done.

Lack of self-confidence kills talent and suppresses creativity. The ability to initiate an idea and being able to carry out these dreams and passion is the awakening of your true identity. This is with the belief that you believe in yourself well enough to carry out those ideas and thoughts and confident that you can do it, and you really can and you will.

So what are you waiting for? Think big, believe in yourself, with confidence you can reach the next level. A level you never imagined or anticipated. Good luck!

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