Reflection: Ponder and Think! Oh It’s My Birthday By Busyhandz

The best things of life come when we desire it and work towards achieving it.

  • For one wishing to eat healthy, would you rather spend your money on ice crème and candies?
  • For one wishing to acquire wealth, would you rather sleep all day and wallow around in ignorance? Blaming everyone that crosses your path?
  • For those wishing to live, would you rather test your jumping skills by jumping into the ocean without a life jacket and swimming skills just to be lunch for the sharks?
  • For those wishing to be successful, would you rather not be happy for your neighbour’s success but wishing success comes to you?

Life is a surprise! Waking up every day is already a huge surprise because you do not need a slap on the face to be woken up. We are not in control of our lives, some people made it to bed just like us with hope of embracing the early morning sunshine but didn’t make it up.

At the same time all these are happening, new babies are being born all over the world per second, Oh! what a bundle of joy to mum and dad,  I was once that baby.

That is why waking up this morning just put a smile on my face because it’s my birthday! Thanks to all my friends, family, and fans that have wished me blessings this day.


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