There are certain things that can be enjoyed or achieved in life without necessarily overdoing or engaging in them. For instance, one can enjoy alcohol wisely, reasonably, and moderately without certainly getting drunk whether you are at home or in a public gathering. Effects of getting drunk that I have witnessed was a man in a party that I attended, he striped himself naked and was running around the whole place. Lol

Things that are no longer needed or useful to us, we should learn to let go to make room for new ideas, new skills, new knowledge, new people/relationship and an entirely new you. Holding on to unessential, needless and unnecessary setbacks will only keep delaying us from embracing new and better things well aligned and packed up for us to explore and enjoy.

Life is fun when there is moderation in everything that we do. Putting other’s feelings ahead and ensuring that we are on the right path always makes us more accessible to the good things of life. Redundant repetition in expressing ideas or communicating such as screaming, malice, gossip are never the best way to relay a conversation or finish off a statement or to begin one.

There are several ways through effective dialogue and open communication that can help to prevent excessive occurrences in the way we relate with people and loved ones. We can decide within ourselves today to drop the redundant bad behaviors and embrace a future of moderation and charisma in all our undertakings.


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