Quality Of Life Questioned But No Answers

A lot of us have the opportunity and privilege to live a comfortable and stress free life, good health, good food, and extra cash to go about the day. And despite all that, we still have the conscience to complain over little things that do not matter much. Whereas on the other end, some people are subjected to be in or around this environment, bad air, sickness lurking in the corner, skin infections and bacteria all around them, but they still find a reason to smile and go about the day with practically little or no food and money. Now who do we blame for these? and who are responsible for all these? And who do we talk to to fix this? All these are questions with no direct or correct answers.

The moral lesson I learnt from this , Is live one day at a time and find a reason to be happy especially when you find yourself in a much better lifestyle and always be willingly to help and contribute because some people are in a real shit or dilema

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