As I staggered towards the front door, I knew it was too early for the postman to be banging the door that morning. I raced down the stairs half asleep and partly awake bumping my left leg on the couch opposite the front door.

It was Nerine my fast paced proactive neighbor. What could it possibly be this time? I asked silently as I flung the door open. She stared at me with popping red blood shot eyes.

Those eyes definitely signified something which meant trouble in the air, but why this early? I thought, as I twitched and rubbed my eyes while finding the right words to soothe the rather awkward moment.

Nerine pushed her way into my apartment looking scared and defensive like she was getting ready for a physical fight or just finished one.

I was very confused because it had been barely a day after valentine, I saw Nerine and Bobby kissing their way into their abode and couldn’t get their hands off each other. Barely 24 hours later, was Nerine looking like a female wrestler waiting for her opponent? Yes!

Bobby again this time? I asked as I kept my pace further out enough to avoid the punch that was meant for Bobby. Her blood shot eyes signified she had been crying all night and her fierce looking facial gestures showed a fight had just taken place, no doubt!

How I wished it could be valentine every day because the Nerine and Bobby I saw some nights ago wasn’t the same Nerine standing right here with me, outwardly so much show of love enough to get one deceived, inwardly so much hate and disgust for one another.

Valentine is a time to renew and rejuvenate a long lasting bond of love and friendship that have and still exist within us. That is the kind of love to be shared with one another, and with others as well to reach out showing act of kindness, unconditional love to the hopeless, lost, and forgotten ones. Everyone deserves to be loved!

Every day is valentine for me! I mean the true and real definition of valentine, not a temporary show of love. What about yours?



All characters are fictional! 

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Vanished and gone, unbelievable! This insanity was getting out of control. I thought to myself as I raised my fifth glass for that day. The fifth bottle in a row, I knew it was unhealthy but I couldn’t let go of the dazzling sensation it stirred up in my mouth.

Something had to be done and fast. I didn’t know how long my body was willing to put up with this, it wasn’t just about the addiction it was about being selfish to my own very self. I knew the drunkenness was bad for my body but I couldn’t give up the sweetness.

I paced around the kitchen hallway breathing heavily and yelling at the top of my lungs at my undesirable quest for the bottle. However, if I didn’t know better I would think that I was under a spell. Something or someone must be responsible for my drunkenness, “I imagined”.

I blamed everyone around me except myself. I knew it was time to take responsibility for my actions. It was time to dance to the rhythm of the music, the music of self-control. It was time to sober reflect on my life style, all that I have done and what I could do to make it better.

The time to rewrite my destiny and give myself a chance again, a phase to define my existence and be that person that I want to be, to boldly take a step forward In confidence and attain that milestone set aside to achieve.

The time for a new you is now, take it and run! Do not look back. We are responsible for our actions in life. The night time has dwindled away, the morning is here for a fresh new start of your life, turn things around and find that fulfillment within you.


Just A Little Tenderness

“Just keep walking,” I encouraged myself as I dragged my feet along the wasted land. I took a long deep breadth which I imagined would be my last as I was already exhausted from the long walk under the hot scorching sun with less to drink and on burning desert white sands.

I didn’t plan on coming this far, it just happened that the car broke down in the wrong place at the wrong time, a place where camels and donkeys moved about in pride and anguish from the hot scorching sun.

I probably needed to walk another 20 km before there could be any chance of help, something that was meant to be a vacation for me was turning out to be an unplanned fitness program. The locals were very helpful, they helped me carry my luggage, and also attempted fixing the car as well all to no avail.

“How do you do this”? I asked one of the locals who was making this walk with me, he walked as though the distance didn’t matter at all, he seem not to be exhausted or bothered about the distance we had to cover to reach help. “He just smiled at me and said nothing” “I guess he was used to such life style” I imagined.

As we pushed further, we approached a farmland that seemed like a little settlement with few children and women scattered around and few men going about their businesses. A span of hope consumed me as I knew we were close to something, water and maybe food and someone that can help fix my car.

Night was fast approaching and I knew making it back to my hotel was not an option. I had to take my chance eating and dining with strangers in their humble abode. I noticed everyone there lived happily as if nothing mattered.

They had no mansions, not even a proper house, no fancy dresses, and no cars, absolutely nothing to brag about or show off with, they went about like none of those existed. I noticed what they had was a close family tie and human relationship.

As soon as morning approached, I set out to find my way back. I thanked the strangers for their hospitality. As I pushed further into the morning, I saw a brick house which read “ST. Mathew’s Chapel” I knew that I was finally close to something, something that felt like my destination. It was indeed a miracle, from a desert feeling of emptiness to a feeling of accomplishment.

I knew my hotel was around the corner, it was just a matter of time for me to find it. I sure needed a bathe after a night in the desert. Getting lost on the trip was not part of the plan, it just happened and it happened towards a good cause which was meeting such wonderful people in the little desert settlement.

However, that is what life should be, one day at a time. This I know is the true meaning of what Christmas is all about, that feeling of togetherness in love and humility.

Literally speaking, the road to success may seem like a desert with endless stretch of land but walking through it one day at a time can be the answer to our unending inner thoughts and feelings.

We are sure to encounter donkeys and camels on the way to success, what matters most are those people in our lives genuinely ready and willing to help carry our luggage and with determination we can walk those kilometers to get to our destination.

In conclusion, we all need each other. Success is not meant for certain people, it is meant for everyone. Giving up is not an option, understanding risks can help to lighten the burden of fear. Life can be simple if lived in simplicity and humility.

On behalf of my family and friends, management and team at Busyhandz, I wish you all merry Christmas and a joyous new year.



Endearment Written By Busyhandz

The intense silence of chattering lips

The undermining gestures of the pretty dam

Awakens the sleepy stallion

To gesture towards her unbeatable beauty

The cadence of her neigh strengthens the bond

And relinquishes the burden of abhorrence

The enviable mindset

Of a vibrant horse; embracing the tide

Like a roaring lion,

The passion intense

Mystified with valour

Like a frozen ocean waves

That melts at sunrise

As firm as a rock

Gentle but indomitable

The mind, where love lies

Waiting to be woken by defined ambience!



In Good Hands By Busyhandz

As I sat on that chair waiting for my name to be called was enough to trigger a heart attack. I was there with one hundred job applicants, in a huge room and contesting for one position.

I wondered if I had a chance at all, the crowd was very discouraging and I was getting very anxious.

However, having waited six hours already, the next thought on my mind was to leave the arena and go home. There was no way I would get the job with all these competitors here and the day was fast coming to an end.

I was hungry, tired, and exhausted. What could possibly go wrong? ‘I thought’. I have been out of job for the past eleven months, it’s unbelievable how I manage to survive.

That was my first interview after eight months of job search and futility.

My joy knew no bounds the day I got the phone call inviting me for the job interview, finally I had that feeling that I was still relevant despite the harsh economic down turn.

Even if I end up not getting the job, at least one interview will likely open doors to other interviews, ‘I imagined’.

The crowd that I saw in that room was a reminder that others were almost in the same predicament as I was or maybe worse. At least I was not the only one saddling the boat of unemployment and hardship.

Despite being hungry, tired and anxious, I still had hope. Hope of something I wasn’t sure of, I guess faith got caught up with my hopes. As soon as my name was mentioned, I felt a huge pack of worms released inside my stomach.

I barely was able to stand on my feet, fear gripped my entire thoughts and whole being. I dragged my feet along and cleared up my throat as I managed to release a weak smile to the elegant lady standing right in front of me.

Inside the interview room, I felt my voice shaking as the questions flew in like fireworks.   After my interview with the management, I knew there was no chance of me coming back here to resume office. That was it, I blew it! ‘I thought’ as I cried silently.

I was going crazy with excitement when out of 100 applicants that fateful day, I was called upon to assume the role of a production manager. I wasn’t the smartest guy or the cutest, I was just the luckiest of them all.

That changed my entire life forever. The divine forces were at work again, I never gave up on my faith and beliefs.

Now looking back those years, I only sit back and smile because now I have come to understand that there is no end to chasing shadows.

Stand still and make that leap with faith and hope and with great anticipation because when God decides to take you further than you anticipated not even slippery grounds can push you backwards.


The Big Decision

Worried and broken, I paced the room back and forth in hysteria. Confusion had taken over a greater part of me, was I dreaming? Or was this actually a joke? Endless questions with no right or wrong answers overwhelmed my entire mind. I knew it was time for me to take that bold step.

A decision that would change everything, a decision that will point me towards the right path. The toughest things to do are making decisions, that I know from past experiences with success and failures. I have had my fair share, am sure everyone can testify to fair share with success and failure in some form or way.

I was determined not to let that discourage me. I was sure to get it right this time. No going back, no biting lips, no arrays of confusion and no day dreams. I wasn’t going to let anyone make that decision on my behalf anymore.

There is always something to learn from experiences from the past, those experiences sometimes influence our decisions for the future. Now is the future, I worry and pace no more, the assortments of confusion gone, the dream a reality all because I made a decision to be HAPPY.

Happiness is the game friends!

Have a great weekend!

That Thing Called Parenting By Busyhandz

Certain principles require certain enforcement when it comes to raising kids.

The fast changing world has forcefully put a new dimension to raising kids and this is threatening the skills of parenting for parents and guardians.

Parents/guardians wake up each day, maybe a bit confused on how to go about some form of new personality (bad behavior) kids pick up from school, peers, and social media. Most of the new bad behaviors require some great level of maturity, and focus to crack down the code.

Today’s parents have become FBI’s in looking for best ways to crack down and tackle the issue of bad behaviors in kids and managing the situation.

The most important thing to know is morals, which is the antidote for this virus (bad behavior).

MORALS: Sink in core simple basic morals into the mind of the kids allowing them to differentiate between good and evil. That will help them make choices and have better judgement.

Teach practical morals that they see you play out, they know it’s real and doable. For instance, you cannot say “smoking is bad kids do not smoke”. However, you light up a cigarette in their presence and expect them not to light up one sooner than later Lol.

My six year old will never pee inside the bathtub while having a shower, she will get down from the tub make it to the toilet and come back for her shower.

That is her own moral and principle. She would always say “mum pee stinks, I don’t want you to smell that while giving me a wash.” That is very understandable, I actually do not like the smell of urine anyway. I remember I once told her the smell of urine makes mummy sick so that quickly registered in her head. Lol

COMMUNICATION: You better start talking! Talking with the kids can unravel a lot of mysteries from that little mind of theirs. Just like an armed thief planning his next stealing spree, communication can have your kid spilling their “secrets” and escapades without even knowing it, and that can only happen in the manner you open up and approach every conversation.

I start by telling mine that I have a secret I want to share with them and they should please not tell daddy. That instantly catches their attention and gives them a feeling of relaxation.

After hitting up a cock and bull story that dad shouldn’t know about, Lol. They always feel free to share every details of their lives with me.

This can only work if you start at an early age with the kids, not when the kid is already a teenager or even six. Good luck guys!

Let’s all share each other’s experiences with parenting in the comment section below .If you do have questions, feel free to spill it out!

Have a great week!