No one is perfect! We don’t expect to get it all right at the first try, we make mistakes on the way as we go, we learn from our mistakes, make some corrections, and forge ahead. Even great men and women of blessed memory made several mistakes, lapses, and errors before they became good at what they did which made them well known today and always.

Same is applicable to great men and women living today like you and me because we are all great and special. We are special in our own unique ways, styles, talents, and in our own creativity and thoughts because it is through our thoughts that we are able to recreate, to reform, to change, to establish, to bring forward wonderful ideas and mechanism used today to enjoy everyday living and also to create a source of livelihood to others who have skills in other different areas of expertise to compliment ours.

Aeroplanes didn’t fall from the sky, or did they? It was someone’s idea right? So are many other things because we are unique and special in the sight of God. We have been empowered with so much huge responsibility of knowledge and wisdom.

The sad question is; why do we now destroy that which we have established by our uniqueness, initiatives, and thoughts. Why spend time to destroy when we can invest time in thinking of ways to make things better so that the world will be a better place for us all to live and enjoy.

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