Other Embassies Versus Nigerian High Commission Ottawa

Each time I visit other embassies, they are usually free of crowded entrance and people loitering around waiting to be attended to, no queue or hassle. But the moment  there is need for me to go to the Nigerian embassy for something or some documentation, I realize how stressful that is on me.Do you know that every Nigerian living in Canada has to travel to Ottawa to get a new passport or any form of travel documentation? With the inflow of Nigerians into Canada, I think it is high time the government looked into establishing several consulate offices in strategic provinces and cities in Canada that have a high population of Nigerians so that Nigerians won’t have to travel all the way to Ottawa to get a passport!!

Not only do you have to pay the flight fare to get there which is not cheap, you have to pay for a hotel and food, and transportation and also pay for the application and its processing fees!!! . I happen to be in the area at the time of this photo so I took a snap shot of this! People queuing and loitering at the entrance door of the consulate office in Ottawa in need of a new passport ! Nigerian embassy is the only embassy in Canada that I know that has no need for an appointment to be seen by a case worker. Everyone is seen on a first come first serve basis and as a walk ins!! So imagine how it will be when hundreds of people travelling from all corners and areas of Canada decide to show up one morning just as in the picture below.

I believe we can save ourselves the embarrassment by having more consulate offices to meet our needs and to have appointments times and schedule put in place in order to meet the needs of citizens!! Phewwww!!!

At least one consulate in Alberta, One consulate in Manitoba, One in British Columbia!! There is one in Ontario already (Ottawa) and many more !!

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Chinese embassy
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