We all need some form of guide and morals to get pass each day. Even life has its own rules, we all need to make personal rules that govern our each day in order to help us emerge our best as long as life permits. I am happy to share with you some simple life rules that keeps me going:

  • Basic facts of life and general understanding
  • You are now ready to unleash the negative state of mind and turn it into positive thinking.
  • You have that ability and principles
  • You are now in control and can organize and plan constant activities in your life

Giving up something for something greater.

  • Being where you want to be at exactly the right time and place
  • You have the inner zeal to make impossibilities to become possible (“Woo, how did you do that”)
  • You make things happen, things work in your favor(positive mindset)

Old things have passed, a new you has emerged.

  • You see and experience a new you from making right choices
  •  Exploring the magnificent feeling of discovering yourself
  • You are willingly to accept new challenges
  • You are on top of your feelings
  • You are ready to draw strength from your weakness
  • It is like desperate measures require desperate actions

Live to die another day

  • Some people are already dead while they are still alive(being afraid of everything, afraid to try)
  • You have the strong will to live at all cost, then live.
  • Nothing can pull you down
  • One day at a time and get the best of each day

Meditate and act: Think”

  • You are ready to act fast without delay
  • You see a bright light in the midst of darkness
  • You are sustained by your inner passion to succeed

     When there is a will there is a way

  • You are not thinking of giving up, or are you?
  • You see a road in the midst of troubling waters
  • You have planned steps in improving your life
  • You are way ahead of the game
  • You got your head around it all
  • You are willing to take measures to purge your negative thoughts

Positive visualization technique

  • You are now ready for a new you
  • You are ready to conquer
  • You are fully aware of the good and the odds
  • Exercise



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