We should learn to guard what we have jealously because whatever we have now is a privilege. Life, wealth, love, family, good health, job/career and all other good stuff. Privilege because we have being given opportunities to hold onto those goodies regardless of whom we are.

We do not give conditions to life and happiness, we all deserve to be happy and we should strive for the best of the best in protecting that which we have. We do not take chances with our lives and happiness and that of others too. We as people have to do all we can and let nature play the rest of the sound track.

The only reason that we have being chosen to enjoy all these privileges is because we all have a purpose in life, a purpose to fulfill and achieve something that will benefit others who are not privileged enough to be where we are or have what we have.

There is time for everything, why not make privileges and opportunities worthwhile so that there will be something to look back on, something to look forward to, and something to be remembered for.

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