In my adult age, I have come to realize that all the things I said never to in my childhood days replayed back in my adult age. All came in form of events, scenarios, circumstances, experiences and for sure it changed the way I perceived life.

Some events or occurrences in our lives have being pre-determined and pre destined to occur while some are not. Some are as a result of that human nature that come from us by upholding with a strong will to a particular event, crisis, or scenarios in our life in form of “never attitude and approach”.

For instance, “I will never drink alcohol” or say “I will never marry an Anglican” all these are normal and daily events which I have heard people speak about all the time with that upholding spirit not to be part of drinking alcohol or marrying an Anglican.

However my point is, because we as human beings, we are not perfect and nature has a stronger grip on us than ourselves. We try to uphold to our wishes but nature and imperfection of man forces us down. Most of the people that can’t get their eyes off a bottle of whisky once said “never” to alcohol. And most of the people that said “never” to Anglican marriage ended up taking their vows and walking down the aisle in the Anglican set up.

Although circumstances sometimes forces our hand to that which we have said “never” to and all is due to our imperfection as humans. So in such instances who do you blame, yourself or nature? Lol

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