Nature’s Call

Behind the clouds, gathering clouds clusters

I see nature’s worth, with my very own eyes

The dark formation blindfolds me

The thickness of the cloud overwhelms me

That which forces the hands of nature

To pour down like a mounted sprinkler

Causing the earth to over flood

Homelessness for man

In its excessive magnitude

But yet helpless without its existence

No matter how much that wets the tongue

Yet I drench in thirst, yearning for more

A means of survival

Yet brutal but gentle, humbly feeds the earth

And heeds to the call, when nature calls.



Water in its natural state is important to man, animals, plants and earth in general for means of survival and livelihood. Yet in its tranquil state with beautiful waves, it is brutal when nature calls upon it and forces it to revolt against man in likes of tsunami, flooding and lots more natural disasters rendering man homeless and even death to everything that comes its way. Despite all that, we surely do need it for our existence. Remember no matter how much water you drink, you will still go thirsty. It feeds the earth (man, livestock, and plants) but whenever nature calls, it ruins that which it nurtures.

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