Nature’s Call: Monsoon Rain Causes Flooding And Death In Pakistan

While most of us are enjoying super tanned skin in our bikini’s, with a designer’s sun glasses giving us shade from the sun and a designer’s lingerie slipped unto our well glossed body with a glass of champagne to usher in the evening sun. Some people are scooping water out of their homes, and lives. This story reminds me of my recent published poem on “nature’s call”. If you haven’t read the poem please click on the poem section of my website, it will give you a clear picture of the lives and people of Pakistan right now.

At least 150 people have died from flooding which started in mid July. Areas like the North West Province of Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa and Eastern Province of Punjab are greatly affected. Also the region of Kashmir and the Western Province of Balochistain are also affected. Total number counting of affected people is totaling one million out of which 150 are dead.

The flooding is said to be triggered by the monsoon rain.

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