This magical piece is dedicated to victims of suicide and people going through difficult moments. No matter what difficulties been faced in life, death is never an option to end it because nothing is significantly permanent not even life itself. But making life worth living, enduring the challenges and having something to look up to is what makes life a better choice. Lots of fears and uncertainties abound in life but all those are designed to give life a meaning and a reason for us all to cherish and hold on to it because we are not in control of it.

Many of us do have unanswered questions why certain things happen! And fear for the unknown (things expected and things unexpected) but all these were designed to make life adventurous!!

The squirling sound of the ocean

Brings rhythm to the ears

And makes music to the soul

The wind gust sends shivers

Shivers that chatters the lips

Sending the lips apart

In a melody of songs

Just as the lips tremble in shivers

The serenity of the waves feels assuring

Life itself is assuring

With a feeling of hope and doubt

To make it more enchanting and surreal

But dynamic in nature

And in its exhaustive search for unanswered questions

Leaves the mind in great turmoil

In an aggressive state, but yet challenging, fear not the unexpected

Just as the squirling sound of the ocean makes music to the soul

So shall it be lived! One day at a time

Cos death is not an option

For life supercedes it all!

Copyright© Uchechi Theresa Ezeuko

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