I do have my reservations when it comes to saying “I love you”. A lot of people perceive love in a different way. Love is a strong word, for it to be said one must have explored the good and bad, the better and worse, all the goals, ambitions, lousiness, odours, looks, and everything possible to know about the individual and parties involved.

I have heard people say “ I fell in love with her the moment I set my eyes on her” how can you love her/him when you know no shit about the person or rather they meant “I fell in lust with her/him the moment I set my eyes on her/him”. Lol

Love and lust present almost the same feeling from the start. They both begin to define themselves when love lingers overtime and endures all endurable, while lust wither away the moment self-satisfaction is achieved. Lust is selfish and blameful while love is blameless and kind. After quest for lust have been satisfied, both parties begin to dish out blame on each other “you started it first” or “you made the move first”. Lol! Before lust is accomplished, each party involved thinks about their personal gain and desires while love puts into perspective the feelings of both parties involved.

It is possible to like someone at first sight but loving the person instantly is what sounds a bit complicated and magical to me. Magical in the sense that such fantasies happen in the Barbie life in the dream house world, and Cinderella and the handsome prince kind of world not in the real world. Wake up and embrace reality.

Like matures to love, not love first then later like which will drop down to hate sooner or later and then level down to divorce or separation. Remember love endures things that mere like cannot hold unto. I read about real life stories about couples mostly celebrity couples who have been married for years but have decided to split/divorce but will remain “good friends”. If you can remain good friends outside marriage, why can’t you build that good friendship inside your marriage and remain married.

It is funny because when I read celebrity break ups which always goes like this “I and that have decided to go our separate ways but will surely remain great friends” great friends indeed! LOL. Can someone please change the script or better still rewrite it!

I imagine such relationships was built on love at first sight syndrome and lust at first sight activation mode. However because lust being selfish and blameful, that self-satisfaction have been achieved and the next thing is to call it quit but remain “great friends” and still be lusting away. LOL

Love at first sight, is it negotiable? Ask yourself these questions if you are loving him/her at first sight.

  1. Do you know what he/she looks like early in the morning?
  2. Do you know the smell of his/her fart and can live with it?
  3. How about poo? Do you know and can withstand the smell of his/her poo?
  4. Do you know how he/her breathe and mouth smells after a nap and you are comfortably up for a kiss with that odour?
  5. Can you endure hard times with him/her?
  6. Can you endure the hurt when he/she shows off that side which makes us all human?
  7. Does his/her snoring wake the dead? Can you withstand that bizarre sound?
  8. Is your patience running out each time you have some misunderstanding and miscommunication?
  9. Is his/her movement in bed while having sex worth living with or just annoying?
  10. Is his/her dressing, attitude, behaviour, characteristics, presentation, and general well-being very pleasing or just annoying! LOL

Good luck in your quest for real love!!


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