Lifestyle By Busyhandz: Thinking Of Loosing That Pregnancy Fat? Or Some Couple Of Fats, This Therapy Works!

Okay this might sound a bit crazy, but it is true. This is not one of my storytelling episodes or look left and right before you cross the highway kind of moment. These findings are based on my tiny research which I decided to carry out casually with no strings attached.

I have seen a lot of “melt fat fast and loose weight in two hours” kind of ads all over the place and I begin to wonder if one should actually be worried about that because if that really works, why do we still have overweight friends and family members around us.

Are we all being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God! I mean in those ads, if you can lose weight in just two hours, shouldn’t you be worried about that? even when the ads says in three days, you should still be worried.

I mean worried about the components or mixtures that have been mixed together and given to you and I to drink or swallow down our throat and start seeing results in as little as two hours? Hmmm!

Think again! On the long run, when age is beginning to creep up on you and you suddenly develop a form of cancer or liver disease,  remember in your youth when you were burning fat and seeing results in two hours! Lol

I have done some research on food combination and what to eat and what not to eat, I have read a lot of articles and write ups by individuals encouraging one not to eat carbohydrates, or fish, or some other food components.

These days, there is a long list of foods that one should not eat.  I begin to wonder if there are alternatives as to what one can actually eat, actually none.

Basically, most articles will say, eat only fruit and veggie and you are good to go! And who actually said you are good to go? Not when you end up with underfeeding then you will realise you need a certain level of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and even the dreaded fats to be fully complete.

The other day I stumbled upon an article saying that eating catfish was a killer, the other day it was salmon, today is catfish, who knows what is coming next? Maybe mackerel?

Speaking of food combination, that is not usually applicable for a pregnant lady craving really weird and unbelievable diet like ice cream mixed with baked beans. Lol

However out of curiosity, I discovered a mind-blowing secret and results based on a casual trial. I interviewed fifty people and forty out of the fifty agreed that they disliked pineapple. Some say “It scratches my tongue especially when bitter”. Some say “It spoils my taste buds”. While others said “they felt lazy peeling one, the thick back was annoying thereby discouraging them from loving or eating the fruit”

I embarked on a mission to uncover the mystery hidden beneath those thick skin of a pineapple and to understand why it has become so much of a dislike based on the findings from my fifty man research. What I discovered about pineapple was mind-blowing.

It is actually one of the safest and best therapy for weight loss because it contains bromelain. This is actually a group of substances that, among other components, includes enzymes which specifically break down protein. It is mainly found in the stem but some amounts can also be found in the fruit’s core. It is this  substance that lends pineapples their digestive aid properties.

Did you know that Pineapple flushes your system, keeps your metabolism going and digestion 100%. Keeping you in shape as you carry on with your daily activities.

The much-disliked fruit actually looks and feels that way for a reason! Never judge a person by their look or appearance!

Have a great week friends!

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