Life is a jungle where we have to fight our way towards achieving greatness.

A jungle where we are made strong from hardship, difficulties, and pain.

A jungle where our whole self and image is built, structured, and conditioned to adapt to any feeling, circumstances , or plight that crosses our path ranging from happiness, joy, success, to sorrow, anger, and frustration.

A jungle where a few succeed and the rest are beaten down.

A jungle where some trample on others in order to get to the top`.

A jungle where the race is started and never ends until death snatches.

A jungle where one can be anything and can do anything.

A jungle where we are always in search of something knowingly and unknowingly.

Everyone embarks on a race against time to hold onto something, to achieve something, to give life a meaning, to contribute to the society and to make the jungle run worthwhile.

Life is a jungle but it is special, for we have been given that opportunity to be something, to do something, and to give back something. To make something out of nothing.


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