Many have good dreams, plans, ambitions and skills but, we often kill it with negative approach, attitude, and understanding. I have heard people say “oh, I can do this and that, but who would buy it?” How would you know if anyone would buy it if you never try?

Whenever there is a good intention in place, nature has a way of playing with our minds, playing the good cop bad cop! But we should be in control, and we decide who stays and who leaves. Our mind is our personal warehouse and goes through several process of thinking and evaluation every day.

Negativity is weakened when there is a strong will towards positive energy. Positive energy makes one resistant to thoughts of failure and fear. A new entrepreneur starting up a business is afraid of counting losses instead of profits, afraid of public reaction to your business, afraid of investments and risks associated with business. What makes you a conqueror is learning from your risks and failures and adjusting firmly to success.

Staying positive is easier when you have understood risks and failures as part of the formation process to success. Some people succumb to failure as soon as they are faced with a challenge or difficulty. When this happens, the negativity master ushers itself into your life as the unwanted guest and it begins to trample on the positivity guest. We do have a choice to make in life, we decide who lives in our warehouse (our minds and our lives) and who packs up and leaves. For me, I will say “stay positive, and eject negativity out of your life”. Negativity is an unwanted guest!

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