Keeping It Simple By Busyhandz

Sometimes what matters most in communication is the flow and the clear message that is being passed unto. Some questions require a yes or no answer to it, while some have to do with a little bit of sentence to make it meaningful and digestible. I find communication quite strange and annoying sometimes when you are sure expecting something you end up getting another leaving you more confused than ever.

I once got lost in an airport, I had no other option but to ask a station attendant to help me out in retracing my steps. I usually do not like asking, I do enjoy venturing into the act of self discovery because that is the only and fastest way to learn. But knowing that I had a flight to catch and I was almost certain that I won’t catch the flight if I didn’t ask someone for help.

So I spotted this beautiful lady in a corner and I walked up to her saying ‘Please, can you direct me to gate D1? ‘ she looked at me and replied ‘ Okay sure, If you take the north east entrance of  the south west door, take the east elevator and turn right to the waiting area, your gate is at the north west side of the waiting area’ . At that moment I knew I was in deep shit, knowing that I was not good at geography, I got even more confused and disappointed. I thanked the lady and left.

I walked a few meters, I saw a man whom I asked the same question , he politely  told me to go down the escalator, take my first right and my second left and that was it!!! There was no need to east west and north south!! pheeewww!!

I asked a friend sometime ago, ‘ Are you hungry?  I expected such question should come with a yes or no answer right? but no, because she replied’ somehow, not sure, just a little bit, not really’. Okay so what am I suppose to do with all these phrases!! ‘ I thought, ‘ you are either hungry yes, or not hungry which is a no. And by the time I was done with the cooking, she ate it all up and asked for more. So what happened to “somehow, not sure, or a little bit”. A yes or no would have made a difference!!

Communication flows better when we make it simple!! LOL


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