“Just keep walking,” I encouraged myself as I dragged my feet along the wasted land. I took a long deep breadth which I imagined would be my last as I was already exhausted from the long walk under the hot scorching sun with less to drink and on burning desert white sands.

I didn’t plan on coming this far, it just happened that the car broke down in the wrong place at the wrong time, a place where camels and donkeys moved about in pride and anguish from the hot scorching sun.

I probably needed to walk another 20 km before there could be any chance of help, something that was meant to be a vacation for me was turning out to be an unplanned fitness program. The locals were very helpful, they helped me carry my luggage, and also attempted fixing the car as well all to no avail.

“How do you do this”? I asked one of the locals who was making this walk with me, he walked as though the distance didn’t matter at all.

He seem not to be exhausted or bothered about the distance we had to cover to reach help. “He just smiled at me and said nothing” I guess he was used to such life style. ” I imagined”.

As we pushed further, we approached a farmland that seemed like a little settlement with few children and women scattered around and few men going about their business.

A breadth of hope consumed me as I knew we were close to something, water and maybe food and someone that can help fix my car.

Night was fast approaching and I knew making it back to my hotel was not an option. I had to take my chance eating and dining with strangers in their humble abode.

I noticed everyone here lived cheerfully and happily as if nothing mattered. They had no mansions not even a proper house, no fancy dresses, no cars not even a wheel of a car, absolutely nothing to brag about or show off with.

They went about like none of those existed. I noticed what they had was a close family tie and human relationship.

However, that is what life should be, one day at a time. As I departed, I had second thoughts and a different understanding of what life is and should be.

Literally speaking, the road to success may seem like a desert with endless stretch of land but walking through it one day at a time can be the answer to our unending inner thoughts and feelings.

We are sure to encounter donkeys and camels on the way to success, what matters most are those people in our lives genuinely ready and willing to help carry our luggage and with determination we can walk those kilometers to get to our destination.

The most important thing to know is to understand that we all need each other. Success is not a lifestyle and is not meant for certain people, it is meant for everyone.

No matter what sufferings or difficulties we encounter on our way and journey to success, know that only determination can get us there.

Giving up is not an option, understanding risks can help to lighten the burden of fear. Life can be simple if lived in simplicity and humility.


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