Just Hang In There By Busyhandz

I paced the room several times, I couldn’t understand why I was terminated from my position in the company. As I scrambled through the words on the paper which clearly stated “your services are no longer needed”, after 25 years ! Damn! I was so angry because I knew all the hard work and time that I have committed to working with this company.

I was the best of best the company had, and I never failed in carrying out my duties. So where did  I go wrong?

I knew it was time to move on and strategize on option b. I was too weak to think, I needed to speak to someone I needed to get this sad moment off my chest. Who can I talk to? Some soothing words would go a long way right now.

My thoughts were heating up with depression and anguish, but I knew I needed to be strong for my family, for those that love and care so much about me. How do I  break such news to them? No job, no money, no rent, no mortgage! Waoh!

Have you wondered why we all react differently to circumstances? That is because we all have different personalities which makes it possible for us to rely on each other when the road seem long and narrow.

The difficult times are there to make us stronger and help us to understand that a tree does not make up a forest, we need a forest of ideas, selflessness, love, charity, kindness, and trust to form a roaring forest of success, creativity, determination and wealth.

Understanding that we all need each other to learn from, and we all rely on each other in learning new skills and ideas is essential to building and creating a success story.

An instructor passes on knowledge to the students because students need that knowledge to be firm, just as the instructor needs the students in order to remain relevant in his area of specialization.

Have you heard a slogan that says “one man’s mistake is another man’s benefit” that is to say mistakes made in life is a moral lesson from which others can benefit and learn from.

Just hang in there and keep your head high and focused. That is all that matters.

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