As long as there is life, it’s never too late to do or achieve anything in this life, after all what are we living for if not to keep the ball rolling in achieving our dreams, desires, and goals. Just think about it, how boring life would be if all we had to do was to sit around and do nothing, if there weren’t dreams, goals, visions, to drive us.

Sometimes, circumstances and situations prevents us from reaching that climax that we always wanted to reach, but then who said it’s too late to achieve it? All you need to do is maintain a focused mind and keep running the race against time until the finished line is reached.

Think of that feeling when you have finally reached your climax, that feeling of happiness and satisfaction remains with you forever. And guess what? You might have picked up some virtues on the way without knowing it, like patience to see you through, perseverance to keep you motivated, endurance to help you overcome fear and failure and to make you stronger. Also love and empathy because now you understand that the world isn’t a bed of roses.

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