I have come to realize that most people’s understanding in handling difficult situations is by running away from that which confronts them. Or trying to avoid it entirely which for sure it’s unavoidable  because life comes with risks, and risks come with knowledge, and knowledge comes with power, and power comes with ego and charisma.

I have seen most people walk out on their marriages just because “she said this” and “he said that” kind of issues. Hello! What happened to proper communication? Most of “he said” and “she said” comes as a result of miscommunication and guess what, it can be fixed! Another one that I have seen is people walking out on their relationship as a result of “he did” or “she did” and “he/she said that she did or he did” did what? For goodness sake!! No one has proof of any deeds. Hello!! What happened to trust!!

Most people have an adamant spirit towards forgiveness and acceptance.  With all the “did and said crisis”, what is so grievous of these allegations that cannot be forgiven especially when there are no facts of proof of anything done by both parties involved. Hello! What happened to that love you once had and shared?

Friends, let us ponder a bit and relax a little for no one is perfect, life is too short and the world is not a bed of roses either. We all need each other.

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