Friendship is great when people learn and understand to trust and love each other genuinely without reservations. One of the major virtue that strengthens any relationship is communication and honesty. No matter what form of relationship you find yourself in, marriage, courtship, friendship, any form at all. There should be an outstanding record and level of communication, trust, love, sincerity, patience and security.

Choosing a friend or spouse is never an easy task, it is a tale of “many are called but few are chosen”. The choice of friends or spouses is usually a great task that only you can make decision on because you have to put up with the person’s mess and bad behaviours. And accepting one’s mess and bad behaviours willingly without judging or scorning the person is where love, patience, and total acceptance comes into play.

When you truly love someone, the last thing that comes to mind is hurting that person, and when that occurs because no one is perfect, the first thing that should come to mind is total submission, acceptance, and forgiveness because some people never like to admit to a misdeed or fault even when it is very clear before their eyes.

Can you imagine what “I am sorry” can do in a relationship? That short phrase shows total acceptance of mistakes and a willingness to make things right and also it heals emotional hurt and pain. So what are we waiting for, let us make things right in our relationships and put a smile on each other’s faces.

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