I ran as fast as I could, the more I ran, the colder I became. The rain poured down really hard as if it was angry and furious at something.  I think it was angry at everyone as people ran uncontrollably looking for a spot to shed off from the gruesome down pour.

The day started off beautifully well, with the morning sun seated rightfully way up in the sky. The morning wind was soothing and comforting and the weather forecast looked promising for a mid-July forecast. I looked forward to the camping trip with my best friends Bethany and Amy. We had two more days to our big day. We had chosen July because it was usually the best time of the summer months.

We were all looking forward to a nice long weekend as we had planned this six months ago, a time to get away from the normal daily routines. As we approached the camping ground, we could see happy campers chatting away and enjoying the serenity of the arena.

I was pleased we made it at last. The best time of summer was when I was out with friends and just having fun because that was all I wanted to do for the weekend. As I unpacked, I also helped the girls set up the camping tent. Bethany was gathering some woods while chatting away with one of the girls we met on site.

Amy was just rounding up the tent set up when the horrifying sound of lightning struck. “Oh, it’s July and it was summer, this must be some kind of prank” I imagined. However, before I could digest my thoughts, the wind gust swept through the arena while sending down the tremendous waters down which first started off as hail stones before manifesting into thick heavy waters. It felt like a dream and a horror movie, our tent was blown away, the wind gust was so loud that one needed ear muffs in order to stay protected.

We quickly and miraculously made our way to the carpark, the beatings of the hail stones and the mighty slaps of the rain drops left chills all over my body. I was scared and confused. We knew it wasn’t safe to drive back home or anywhere as it was getting late and the nearest hotel was 45km away. We lacked words to express how we felt as we were all trying to stay warm. Being alive and together cramped in the car on a “summer” July month recovering from the shock of the cold canadian waters was all that mattered to us.

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