In Good Hands By Busyhandz

As I sat on that chair waiting for my name to be called was enough to trigger a heart attack. I was there with one hundred job applicants, in a huge room and contesting for one position.

I wondered if I had a chance at all, the crowd was very discouraging and I was getting very anxious.

However, having waited six hours already, the next thought on my mind was to leave the arena and go home. There was no way I would get the job with all these competitors here and the day was fast coming to an end.

I was hungry, tired, and exhausted. What could possibly go wrong? ‘I thought’. I have been out of job for the past eleven months, it’s unbelievable how I manage to survive.

That was my first interview after eight months of job search and futility.

My joy knew no bounds the day I got the phone call inviting me for the job interview, finally I had that feeling that I was still relevant despite the harsh economic down turn.

Even if I end up not getting the job, at least one interview will likely open doors to other interviews, ‘I imagined’.

The crowd that I saw in that room was a reminder that others were almost in the same predicament as I was or maybe worse. At least I was not the only one saddling the boat of unemployment and hardship.

Despite being hungry, tired and anxious, I still had hope. Hope of something I wasn’t sure of, I guess faith got caught up with my hopes. As soon as my name was mentioned, I felt a huge pack of worms released inside my stomach.

I barely was able to stand on my feet, fear gripped my entire thoughts and whole being. I dragged my feet along and cleared up my throat as I managed to release a weak smile to the elegant lady standing right in front of me.

Inside the interview room, I felt my voice shaking as the questions flew in like fireworks.   After my interview with the management, I knew there was no chance of me coming back here to resume office. That was it, I blew it! ‘I thought’ as I cried silently.

I was going crazy with excitement when out of 100 applicants that fateful day, I was called upon to assume the role of a production manager. I wasn’t the smartest guy or the cutest, I was just the luckiest of them all.

That changed my entire life forever. The divine forces were at work again, I never gave up on my faith and beliefs.

Now looking back those years, I only sit back and smile because now I have come to understand that there is no end to chasing shadows.

Stand still and make that leap with faith and hope and with great anticipation because when God decides to take you further than you anticipated not even slippery grounds can push you backwards.


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