In Capable Handz With Rubeo The Ant By Busyhandz

Sometimes what we expect in life is not what we get. That is because if we all got what we expected or maybe wished for, there would be no need for challenges.

Sometimes we are in a hurry to get to the finish line when we never started the race, sometimes we prefer to swallow the grains without chewing. All these actions do have consequences of which may be difficult and horrendous to fix.

If you choose to swallow without chewing, you run the risk of choking on the grains. In this context, I mean choking on your dreams and future. You are way ahead of your shadow while forgetting to crawl before walking and forgetting to walk before running.

However, the same goes to starting a race. You cannot end up in the finish line without starting the race, and if you start the race and fall, the only way to get to the finish line is by getting up from the fall and continuing on the race.

It does not matter if you got to the finish line last. What matters is that you did start the race, fell on the way, got up, and reached the finish line.

Whatever foundation you have laid today, you are one step to becoming that which you have wished for and have always wanted. Remember such guts come with hard work and determination.

Remain focused and build a healthy relationship with those bodies that share the same vision as you are. Working together and relying on each other’s skills, strength and weaknesses in order to form a solid bond.

Liken this to the behavioral adaptation of ants, ants move in colonies of which every member of that colony has some certain skills that help the colony function properly and proactive. This behavior helps ants deal with changes in their environment.

For instance, when an established path to a food source is blocked by an impediment, the scavengers leave the path to explore new means.

That is how determined we should all be and the kind of relationship we should all share in order to help one another to succeed.

Rubeo the ant and busyhandz wishes you all a happy fulfilled week!


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