I drove hastily to the gas station, I knew that if I don’t get there in the next 30 seconds, I would have to carry the vehicle on my head back to the house. (Laughs) Lol! Just kidding. Yes, that’s right because I was running out of gas.

I was being warned earlier by my digital computerized car dashboard the previous day, but I never paid so much attention to it hoping to find time later to fill up before I suddenly found myself in the mess that I am in right now.

It was a rough morning with the rain pouring down so hard, I needed to be at the airport before 10 pm to catch the last flight for the day. With the weather adding to my stress I imagined the flight would have been cancelled but that never happened.

I lazed around the house not sure on what I should be doing as I wasn’t particularly keen on doing anything meaningful at the moment. My mind was occupied with the presentation and contract signing which I was about to take part in as soon as the flight touches down to my destination. That contract meant a lot to me, it was something I have waited for all my life, that contract was just the one thing I needed to make my work portfolio irresistible to potential and future clients.

All I needed was for my presentation to be approved and the contract awarded to me. The presentation was the only thing keeping me away from signing the contract and I was ready to give it my best shot. I was so carried away in endless thoughts and anticipation that I didn’t notice how far the time had gone by. It was already 8pm when I quickly rushed in for a quick shower, I quickly packed up a few things and was off.

Half way down the road, the car started jerking like it was going to suffer an epileptic attack, I knew something was wrong and the feeling I had didn’t just seem right. That was it! It was the gas! I beat my head as hard as to why I didn’t fill up before now. If I wasn’t at the airport in the next 20 minutes, I would probably have to kiss my scheduled flight goodbye.

I thought of a quick option b, should I leave the car on the road and call a taxi? Or should I jerk it all the way to the nearest gas station which was just one block away. Calling a taxi would mean waiting for the taxi to show up and that time was what I didn’t have. So jerking it all the way to the gas station was my only chance of hopping on that plane.

The fuel gauge was red now indicating empty tank, and all I had was just thirty seconds to get to the gas pump as the countdown timer started ticking on the gauge. It was all my fault, if I had known I should have fueled up earlier, “I thought”. I was about to lose one of the biggest opportunities of my life to mere frivolities like this, I was overwhelmed, scared, and exhausted.

In life, “if I had known is never an option”, once the deed is done it is done. Some avoidable mistakes sometimes are what distances us from that big thing that could have changed our lives positively in one way or the other.  Never let an avoidable obstacle come between you and your dreams. It could come in form of anything actually, it is left for us to act quickly before we are dumped in a tight corner. Aim for the post and shoot the ball right in!

Good morning peeps!


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