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I am still on my quest for better and natural living. I have neglected a lot of things in the past due to mere ignorance and laziness. I am happy to share in this break through because knowledge is power and ignorance is a choice in this present age.

My 18 month old child knows how to switch on a musical piano , knows how to navigate iPad and my android phone, loves to press on the keyboard on my computer and actually knows the button to switch off the CPU. That is how advanced the world has become that even babies smile at the sight of phones and iPads! Lol

Most of us are not familiar or maybe do not know the usefulness or importance of things around us, I mean natural things that can enhance our everyday living. Most of the time, we look for things in very far away places not knowing it’s right there beside us waiting to be explored and used. All we need do is to have a willing spirit to know more, to research, to ask questions, to clean up our know how skills and promote knowledge.

The existence of guava fruit is a blessing to everyone,  as a child I loved to eat guava but disliked the seeds. Later on as I grew older, I disliked both the fruit and the seeds because I didn’t have the patience to get rid of the seeds before enjoying the white fleshy part of the fruit . Especially as I was told by my grannies who were jokingly trying to scare me at the time, that if I accidentally swallowed the guava seeds, it would grow into a tree inside my stomach.

That definitely scared the hell out of me and put me off for a while before I grew up to realize that all they were trying to do was to arouse my curiosity which has actually helped me in discovering some life changing facts about guava!

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Have a great week friends!!

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