Health Quest By Busyhandz: Guava! The Power House For Health And Lifestyle! Learn Something New Today! It Works!

Guava is very common in Asian countries and Africa as well. It is becoming quite popular especially now that people have come to understand, appreciate and have realized the health benefits.

The fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients. I will reveal to you some basic facts about guava and you can try it out with me .
1) WEIGHT LOSS: Back again on this topic, because I  have been trying to loose a couple of pounds, and believe me it’s not that easy. It is damn easy to eat up and add some weight but difficult to get them out. The fruit is ideal for weight watchers because it is high in roughage, rich in vitamins, it has no cholesterol, less in sugar compared to banana, apple, or other sweetened fruits. It promotes and regulates metabolism and help to absorb important and useful nutrients in the body.
2) DIABETES: Consumption of guava helps to combat diabetes, because of its high level of dietary fiber, it helps to regulate the absorption of sugar which decreases chances of insulin drop and glucose in the body. Major fact about this is that according to health research, consuming guava can help prevent type 2 diabetes.
3)BLOOD PRESSURE : For those having issues with blood pressure, here is your magic wand. It works!
4) SIGHT: Tired of those lens? Here is something that can improve your eye sight. Those frequent trips to the eye doctor has to be at a minimal because it ain’t cheap if you do not have health insurance. Guava’s good source of vitamin A gives the sight a good vision. It is also known to reduce and suppress the rise and appearance of cataracts and can improve an already depleted eye sight.
5)FIGHTS CANCER CELLS: This magic wand (guava) is known to prevent the growth of cancerous cells.
6)DIARRHEA: Frequent visit to the loo? Why not add guava to your diet and kiss the diarrhea good bye!
7)CONSTIPATION: Guava is a great laxative that can get those poo rolling out in masses and chunks.
8)SKIN CARE: Have you wondered why my face glows? Lol! Not bragging though (smiles) It is the guava secret. It improves the texture of the skin because of its rich content in vitamin A, B, C. It also contains potassium which are great antioxidants, keeps skin wrinkle free. Eating the fruit can help improve the texture of your skin, or by rinsing the skin with the leaves or inside of the fruit.
Have a great week friends!!


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