Barking and yelling filled the arena, people were running sporadically. The stench smell of sweat filled the path. I was startled and confused, I wasn’t sure which direction to run, no one had a clear view of where the danger was coming from. I could discern that from the way people were running aimlessly on the busy street of boggy valley.

“Think! “I yelled to myself” I knew from the way things were looking we were either going the right direction to safety or running right into the menace. I jogged faster than normal to a corner beside the tea shop, I saw a lady startled in fear with her head tucked in nicely in between her knees as though she was scared of looking up.

I quietly and slowly threw a stone beside her to get her attention, she looked up and jumped as though I was the threat at hand. “Why are you hiding? Why are we all running?” “I asked why still scanning the corner for possible danger signals. “She shrugged her back against the wall and stared at me in awe as though I was crazy.

“They are here, the lady replied”. “Who are they? And why are they here?” I asked with a perplexed sentiment and a feeling of resentment. “ I don’t know, the lady replied”. I was coming out of the tea shop when I saw everyone running so I joined too, a man screamed “ they are coming” as he ran.

The lady answered nonchalantly. She chuckled as she began to ease off the fear that engulfed her.

Do you know if anyone tried to stop the man to ask him what he meant by “they are coming”. I asked her as she sat with her knees clutched together. “No one stopped to ask, everyone just ran” she replied as she stared hard at me as though I was a cop asking too many questions.

In life, we need to ask questions to be properly clarified and understand how things work and should be. We run straight into the danger because we have not stopped to think of a solution or to know where the imminent danger is and possibly avoid or run the opposite direction. Therefore making our minds easy to fool.

We don’t do things because everyone is doing it, that doesn’t make it right. We need to define a purpose for ourselves.

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