Enduring Stress And Looking Beyond It By Busyhandz

I came across this lady each time I dropped off my kids at school. She was always bringing this little girl to school whom I believed was her daughter, I thought from a distance. She could be her nanny maybe “I chuckled”. In my mind I concluded the child was an only child to be getting all these attention from this lady.

As I joggled between three kids on that day trying to get everyone to school, on arriving at the school premises I quickly carried my baby and pulled the other two along making my way to their class room.

After settling the other two, I made my way to the door while trying to console the baby who was already screaming down the arena. “Life of a mother” I exclaimed, I bit my lips and quickened my pace to the car.

As I approached the car park, I saw the same lady pacing around the car park. I approached her, said hello and asked her if everything was okay. She said she was just hanging around the school premises to make sure her child was okay and well settled in since it was first day at school.

Oh! so that little girl belonged to the lady, she wasn’t the nanny as I earlier imagined. Such benefit of an only child, wait until you have two and one screaming baby. “I whispered to myself”.

I began talking with the lady and I started lamenting to her how stressed I was with having to joggle my kids all at once every day and still attend to family and work needs. She listened carefully and nodded her head in great anticipation.

When I was done talking, she looked at me smiled and said to me. “I have seven”.  What!! As in seven kids? I felt very stupid, thanked her for her time and walked away.

The lady had seven kids, possibly more stressed than I was. She still finds time to give every kid of hers this amount of care, attention, and patience. She is always smiling too and never looking exhausted. And with three kids, I thought my problem was greater. I learnt a lesson from that scenario and am sure you all did.

Never imagine your situation is worse because some people are in rather more complicated situations but still find time to smile and live life one day at a time.

Have a great week friends!

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